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Welcome to my Blog.

My name is Ido Gendel. I was born in 1977 and did all sorts of stuff since. I have a Master’s degree in Cognitive Psychology, but my career path – and I use the term very loosely –  took me from writing science fiction to statistics to journalism to translation and editing. All along, a major hobby of mine was programming. Then I got an Arduino and entered the world of electronics, too.

Together with a few good people, I established the Hobbyist Maker Community of Israel – an extremely informal organization, dedicated to maintaining and developing this exciting field in Israel. We even have our own busy website.

Since August 2011 I’ve been writing “The White Byte“, my Making blog in Hebrew. Apparently some folks found it interesting and/or informative, so I figured it was time I started an English version too. There you have it. Hope you enjoy!

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P.S. My name is pronounced as “eee” + the “Doo” in “Door”

Musing on Microcontrollers, Programming, Arduino and everything digital